A Deeper Look

After a decade of working with creatives across music, dance, circus and theatre, creating performances and installations much bigger than ourselves 

Starlight Alchemy's culture of collaboration has become home to performers, creatives, and tinkerers

 We want everyone's unique talents and skills to  alchemise experiences that rouse the senses, ignite creativity, and explore emotions behind the sublime and surreal, to the epic and orchestral

Get to know the souls behind Starlight Alchemy. 

[ Lizzie ]

Lizzie has been integral in the development of Starlight Alchemy’s performances, costumes, and choreography. A poised performer, her understanding and adaptability of flow and movement enables her to seamlessly blend hoops, Levi-wand, staff, flags, and poi together into powerful performances. 

[ Omsira ]

Omsira has been a mindfulness and meditation coach to many, and the resident imparting values to increase cognition and flow state to Starlight Alchemy’s performers enabling them to achieve their best both on and off stage.

[ Khaliq ]

Khaliq Rahim is an adept poi performer and amateur tinkerer, playing a large part in the creation of Starlight Alchemys vaunted Fire Helix. He has since expanded his repertoire to include double-staves and dragon staff. 

[ Willis ]

Willies is a multi-faceted performer whose repertoire includes: magic, flow arts, Diablo, yo-yo, and movement. His technical prowess enables him to be the unofficial research arm of Starlight Alchemy, expanding the group's technique and fundamental understanding of the intersections between object manipulation and flow.

[ ALEX ]

Alex is a poi specialist and creative that revels in the connective tissues between arts, culture, and community. Along with Khaliq, he designed Starlight Alchemy's latest poi workshop course and continues to perform and choreograph.


Firuz’s fiery start to his flow journey was busking to crowds on the streets of Europe with fire poi. What began as free-spirited travel quickly became an obsession with the flow arts and has since brought him across oceans to learn from some of the best flow artists in the region. 

[ Wai Kit ]

Wai Kit is a multi-prop experimentalist and part-time builder whose curiosity about flow arts has allowed him to explore various forms of movement and mindsets both on-stage and in the workshop. 

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